New, Edit, View, and Delete buttons

Use these action buttons to keep your Spectrum data current. Primary actions will display as a larger, green button on the toolbar, while secondary actions will display as smaller, gray buttons.




Click the New button to create a new record or transaction. For list boxes, the New button typically displays on the command bar; for grid screens the New button is located next to the Edit button.


Click the Edit button to make changes to an existing record or transaction (a transaction must be selected before clicking the Edit button). For list box screens, you can also make changes by simply double-clicking on the list box, pressing the Enter key in the list box, or pressing the Tab key in the list box.


Click the View button to view detailed information about a line of data; no entry is allowed. To make changes to a line of data, click the Edit button instead. If you do not have security to Edit records and not all information is shown in the list box, a View button is place of the Edit button.


Click the Delete button to delete a record from Spectrum (a transaction must be selected before clicking the Edit button). If the data you select to delete has been used elsewhere in the software, a message stating that the data must be purged instead will display.


Click the Insert button to create a line directly above the line your cursor is currently in. This button is only available on screens where the order of the detail records is important.


Click the Expand button to toggle the grid display between single-line view and multiple lines with additional description fields per record. Expand buttons are not provided on screens that allow scrolling.