Operator Preferences - Field Descriptions

A reference for completing the fields on this screen.

Logon IDAccept or change the default values, which are from the Operator Maintenance screen.

Click to specify the email server, confirm your email username and password, and send a test message using the Test Send button. Use the Test Inbox button to check the connection; you will either receive a confirmation or error message.

For Exchange email systems, the username must include the domain name.


Click to display the E-mail Subscriptions for Project Log screen, which allows you to add new subscriptions and edit and delete existing ones.

Email subscriptions enable Spectrum to monitor email folders and import email associated with a particular job to the job's Project Log in Project Management. Each user can set up subscriptions associating email folders with particular jobs. Spectrum will monitor each subscription and as new email appears in the subscribed folders, Spectrum will automatically import the email into the job's Project Log.

Spectrum will monitor active subscriptions whether or not the user is logged in.

Setting up email subscriptions

Change Password
Note: If your only login option is single sign-on (SSO), this button does not appear.
Click to view the expiration date of your current password and the date it was last changed.
Always start in last company accessed?Choose to always open Spectrum in the company you were working in last.
Always start in the same company?Choose to always open Spectrum in a specific default company.

Selecting this field enables the next field.

Default company If a default company has already been specified in the Edit Operator - Properties tab, it displays here.

Accept or change the default value.

Limit records displayed on high-volume listboxes?Improves the speed your lists load by limiting the number of records displayed.
Show Info Bar Collapsed?To see the additional info, manually expand the Info Bar.
Show Info Bar on the right? Causes the Sidebar (which contains Favorites) to appear on the left side of the screen.
Show Navigation Bar collapsed?To view any outstanding tasks or Favorite bookmarks, manually expand the Sidebar.