Spectrum Video Tutorials

Watch a short video tutorial on a variety of topics. Most clips are under three minutes long.

General Information

Video TitleDescriptionSkill Level
Launching Spectrum and Creating Shortcuts Learn how to open Spectrum in a browser and how to create a browser shortcut.Beginner
Creating and Assigning Contacts A comprehensive contact tracking feature allows you to share contact information between users, and even across companies. Learn how to create a Contact and how to assign the Contact to vendors, projects, customers, and more.Intermediate
Creating and Assigning Profiles Learn how to create a user Profile and assign it to operators. Profiles are used to determine which Dashboard apps operators can access and the Navigation bar layout. More information on this topic is available in the Security manual that came with your software.Intermediate
Email Setup Learn how to set up your email credentials in Operator Preferences.Beginner
Email Subscriptions Learn how to set up email subscriptions that allow you to monitor email folders and import email associated with a particular job to the job's Project Log in Project Management.Intermediate
Split Functionality An easy way to view records side-by-side.Beginner
Tree Grids Learn how to take advantage of new 'tree grid' functionality in Spectrum.Beginner
Batch Scanning A quick look at how Batch Scanning works in conjunction with AP Vendor Invoice Entry.Intermediate
DI Annotations Learn now to annotate image files (includes highlighting, sticky notes, straight text notes).Beginner
VAT Integration Learn how VAT tax processing has been integrated into Spectrum.Beginner


Video LinkDescriptionSkill Level
Accounts Payable (AP)
Electronic Vendor ProcessingSpectrum now allows you to pay vendors electronically. This video provides a high-level look at some of the new screen settings offered to help get you started.Intermediate
AP Vendor Invoice TipsLearn how to turn off invoice approval routing, how to enter a pre-paid invoice, how to add a phase on the fly, and where to enter use tax.Intermediate
AP Payment SelectionAn overview of Payment Processing and Payment Selection.Beginner
Vendor Location Defaults on POs and PaymentsLearn how to setup one location to be used as the default payment address and another location to be used as the default purchase order address.Intermediate
Vendor Spend ReportRun this report to learn about your potential rebate should you implement Viewpoint ePayments.Intermediate
ePaymentsLearn about setup and processing with ePayments during Payment Processing.Intermediate
Accounts Receivable (AR)
AR Subcontract Change OrdersAdding a subcontract change order, and executing the change order at a later date.Beginner
AR ContractsAn overview of the new Contracts screen in V14.Beginner
Change Request LogAn overview of the new Change Request Log screen, and how to convert a change request to a change order.Beginner
Draw Request EntryAn overview of some of the improvements to the Draw Request Entry process in v14.Beginner
AvaTax ProcessingLearn how to set up the AvaTax application to calculate sales tax for draw requests.Intermediate
Document Imaging (DI)
Batch ScanningA quick look at how Batch Scanning works in conjunction with AP Vendor Invoice Entry.Intermediate
DI AnnotationsLearn now to annotate image files (includes highlighting, sticky notes, straight text notes).Beginner
Document Imaging Search Transactions with No Image Learn how to use this new v14 screen to generate a list of transactions without images and then attach images to these records.Intermediate
Enterprise Management (EM)
Entity TrackingFor Enterprise clients: learn how to turn on Entity Tracking, where to set up cost center entities, and how they impact pay cycles in PR.Advanced
Job Cost (JC)
Job PhasesLearn how to set up job phases in v14.Beginner
Master JobLearn about new Master/Sub-Job setup in v14.Intermediate
History InquiryLearn about the new Job Cost History Inquiry screen in v14.Beginner
Setting Auto-Overtime RulesAuto-overtime was modified with the release of v14.12. See how to set up new auto-overtime rules and take a look at the hierarchy governing auto-overtime processing.Beginner
FFCRA New FeaturesNew features were added in 2020 R1 to support the First Families Coronavirus Response Act.Intermediate
Payroll Time Entry
Entering time in Payroll Time EntryLearn how to enter time, add a signature and submit for approval.Beginner
Clock in and out of jobsLearn how to set up job time reporting options in the web portal application, and clock in and out of jobs and review timecards in the mobile application.Beginner
Period SummaryLearn how to view summaries of labor and equipment timecards over a selected pay period.Beginner
Project Management (PJ)
Project LogAn overview of the Project Log screen in v14 Project Management.Beginner
RFI ProcessLearn how to create RFIs and send to job contacts for review.Beginner
Submittal ProcessLearn how to enter submittals and create a submittal package to send to reviewers for approval.Beginner
Project Setup
Accubid ImportLearn how to import data from the Trimble Accubid estimating software to the Job Setup screen.Intermediate
Purchase Order (PO)
Purchase Order TipsLearn about the new features in v14 Purchase Order.Beginner
Purchase Order Entry and ReceivingLearn the basics of entering and receiving purchase orders.Beginner
Work Order (WO)
Dispatch BoardLearn how the revised dispatch board works in v14 Work Order.Intermediate
Dispatch ScheduleLearn how the revised dispatch schedule works in v14 Work Order.Intermediate
Creating a WorkflowLearn the basics of the Workflow module and how to set up a simple workflow.Intermediate

Toolbars and Tabs

Video LinkDescriptionSkill Level
Spectrum Tabs vs. Browser TabsLearn the difference between a Spectrum application tab and a web browser tab.Beginner
Spectrum Toolbar OptionsA look at the Spectrum icons that appear throughout the system.Beginner
Personal Menu BuilderHow to set up operator-specific menus of the Spectrum features you use most often.Beginner


Video LinkDescriptionSkill Level
Info BarLearn how to navigate Spectrum using conveniently-located Info Bars. Also what common features you'll find on the Info bars.Beginner
Navigation Bar Set up your Navigation Bar to include links to your Favorite Spectrum features and your Personal menus (organized groupings of Spectrum items).Beginner
Command BarLearn about the types of options that display on the Command Bar, which is located just above your work space.Beginner
Saved Selections BarLet Spectrum remember your report screen selections for you and learn how to share these settings with others.Beginner
Slider BarThe Slider bar provides a whole new way to attach, view, move, and annotate images. No images? Then this bar displays a map widget based on the address of the record in context.Beginner


Video LinkDescriptionSkill Level
Using the Dashboard BuilderLearn how to use the Dashboard Builder to customize your Dashboard with the apps that are most meaningful to you.Beginner
Creating My AppsLearn the steps you need to complete before any of the "My" dashboard apps will populate with the data relative to your operator.Intermediate
Employee KioskThe Employee Kiosk gives employees the ability to review recent earnings statements and time card entries without using a Spectrum license. A Spectrum Logon is required. This video is a high level overview that covers setting up an Employee Kiosk template operator, associating an employee contact with the operator, and looking at the two Employee Kiosk dashboard apps: My Payroll Checks and My Time.Intermediate
Subcontract KioskThe Subcontract Kiosk lets Spectrum Administrators provide Subcontract vendors with Spectrum logon credentials that only allow them access to the kiosk. Access to data through the My Subcontracts app is strictly limited to the current user's vendor information (as defined using the 'contact' link between the vendor code and operator code). The Subcontract Kiosk gives authorized subcontractors the ability to enter their own progress billings and submit them electronically into Spectrum's Invoice Approval without using a Spectrum license.Beginner