Legacy login to Trimble ID FAQ

Answers to common questions about using a Trimble ID to log in to Spectrum, instead of using the application's native authentication.

What is this change?

We are upgrading all customers to create a Trimble ID to log in with, instead of the traditional login with user ID and password. This upgrade will enable you to take advantage of the broader technology base throughout the Trimble family, which means a better software experience for you.

What is the timeline for this?

We are planning a gradual migration of our customer base shortly after the Spectrum 2024 R1 release. All waves are expected to be completed by the end of August.

What level of involvement will be expected from our company for a successful move to Trimble ID?

Every user who doesn't currently log in using a Trimble ID will be required to do so.

To minimize the impact to your organization, we have built prompts into the login process so that each user can complete the process on their own. To see what it will be like, watch this video: Spectrum Classic Login to TID

Can I opt out?

All hosted organizations and the users within them must make the move to Trimble ID. This move ultimately leads to a better software experience for you.

Once we start the process for your company, each user will be prompted to set up a Trimble ID the next time they log in.

How will we know when our organization is being migrated?

We will email you in advance with the transition plan. This email will include:
  • A link to a video for your employees to watch
  • A link to a recorded webinar for you to watch
  • An email template that you can use to communicate with your users

All migrations will happen on a Thursday night. We will inform you on the Monday beforehand that your organization will be upgraded that week.

All key contacts and any others who have opted in to receive release bulletins will receive this email. Key contacts are those designated in the Viewpoint Customer Portal as individuals in your company who will receive these types of communications.

What can admins do to prepare for this?

There are a number of actions admins can take to make the transition smoother.
  • Watch and share this video: Spectrum Classic Login to TID.
  • Communicate with users about the upcoming changes.
  • Search through operator records to identify and eliminate any duplicate email addresses.
  • Since Trimble ID uses an email address for the user name, ensure each operator has an email address to log in with, and enter the email address in the Operator Maintenance screen.
  • Consider if you want to require multifactor authentication (MFA) for all users in your organization. Once we enable your organization to use Trimble ID, you will be able to require MFA for all users. To access this feature, go to System Administration > Installation > System.

How is this migration different from migrating our operators to Trimble Construction One?

The difference is that you're no longer required to take action in the Operator Maintenance screen in order to migrate users. Each user will be prompted to create their Trimble ID the next time they log in to Spectrum on or after the day of your company's migration.

If you want to migrate your users now, log in to Team at team.viewpoint.com and go to Admin Center > User Management > Add Users from Spectrum.

You can also send an email to tid_spectrumscheduling-ug@trimble.com and request to be added to the next wave.

Whether you start now or wait until we migrate you, all users will be prompted and required to set up their Trimble ID.

Will the user interface change?

Only in the login screen. In the application itself, the only changes are a few fields related to passwords and credentials - because those details are now handled in Trimble ID.

Tip: After you use your Trimble ID for the first time to log in to Spectrum

To avoid potential login issues, remove any Spectrum passwords saved in your browser and clear your browser cache.

Is there a cost associated with this migration?

No. This activity does not affect your current contract with Trimble Viewpoint.

What if I use multiple logins?

If you use multiple logins, each requires a unique email address. Use of duplicate emails across different logins within the same organization is not supported.

Use a new incognito window (Shift+Ctrl+N) to migrate your alternate login. Each time thereafter, use the incognito window for this alternate login.

After the upgrade to Trimble ID, can admins update the email address or password for users?

After the upgrade, all users will manage their own login credentials at myprofile.trimble.com.
Note: Federated users must work with their IdP admin to change their email address.

What are our multifactor authentication (MFA) options?

After your organization is migrated, a new MFA Required? checkbox will appear in System Administration > Installation > System. An Admin can use this to enforce MFA for all users.

Available authentication methods include but aren't limited to Microsoft Authenticator, Okta Verify, Secondary Email, SMS (phone number), and Passkey (biometric).

I don’t have access to my authentication app, so I cannot authenticate using MFA. What should I do?

Contact Support.

Will this affect my federation with Azure?


If you’ve federated with Azure Active Directory (AAD), you’re already using Trimble ID.

If you haven't already federated with AAD, migrating to Trimble ID makes it possible. To get started with moving to federated logins, complete the Trimble ID Federation form.

Can I use an existing Trimble ID to log in?

Yes. One of the benefits of using a Trimble ID is that you can log in to any Trimble product with only one set of credentials.
Note: For security reasons, your administrator may require you to use a company email address. This may require you to set up a new a Trimble ID.

Does this upgrade change how I add new users?


When you add a new operator, you will still need to provide a Spectrum Username and Password to the user.

When the operator logs in using those credentials, they will be upgraded to Trimble ID, just like everyone else.

Does this upgrade change how I add new Service Tech Mobile and HR Employee Self Service users?

It might, depending on how you do it now. This is how you should add users from now on:

  1. Start by adding the new users in Spectrum just like you always have.
  2. Log in to team.viewpoint.com and go to Admin Center > User Management > Add Users from Spectrum.
  3. Proceed by selecting the operator(s) which should have access.

Does this upgrade affect Subcontract Kiosk and Employee Kiosk users?

Yes. All users that log in to Spectrum will be prompted to create and use a Trimble ID.

What if I have more questions?

Many more questions were answered in a live webinar held June 4. You can watch the recording.

You can also send additional questions to tid_spectrumscheduling-ug@trimble.com.