Veteran Employment Report

Use this screen to print a Vets-4212 report for Federal reporting of contract veterans. This report is required by the Department of Labor for any Federal contractor or subcontractor who received a Federal contract that meets the threshold amount of $100,000 on contracts.

This report allows you to identify location-specific employees and entity-specific employees, when applicable, based on payment history during the specified year and employees' veteran settings. The annual deadline for filing the Vets-4212 Report is September 30th. You can file online via the department of labor website.

Important: Due to reporting requirement revisions by the Department of Labor, the Human Resources Manager should review, and if necessary, reset the Veteran status settings of applicable employees in the Edit Employee window before running this report.

The selection criteria for this report is as follows:

  • Must be in Employee Master File

  • Must have tax codes set up

  • Must have a valid assigned EEO classification code

  • Must have Payroll history records within the selected 12-month period

Note: Minimum and Maximum number of employees on this report are calculated by counting the number of employees paid for each pay period end date. If there is a check for one employee generated with a pay period end date that was not a standard pay period end date, the report is counting that one employee as the number of employees at that point in time.