Migration to Azure FAQs

Trimble Viewpoint has a new cloud partnership with Microsoft and will be migrating all hosted Spectrum instances to Azure starting in August 2022 and completing by May 2023.

Our primary goal is to make this a non-event for you. The content on this page is to address questions you might have If you have additional questions, we welcome your Support case.
Why is Trimble Viewpoint now using Azure for Spectrum?
Several of Trimble Viewpoint solutions already rely on Azure, such as Viewpoint Team, Vista, and Viewpoint Analytics. Our vision is to transform the construction industry through both digital and data transformations. We accelerate our portfolio innovation through strategic technology partnerships with providers such as Microsoft.

By relocating even more of our infrastructure onto Microsoft Azure, we are able to take advantage of their significant cloud investments, such as collaboration, data processing and management, and security.

Trimble Viewpoint remains committed - independent of cloud technology partners - to providing a secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud hosting infrastructure to our customers.

Will our company's access to Spectrum be paused during this process?
Yes. During the brief period of time we transition you from our current cloud partner to Microsoft Azure, you won’t be able to use Spectrum. Typically the needed downtime will be from 8pm PT on your communicated migration date until 3am PT the next morning, but in some cases the duration may be different. If needed, we will contact you separately and provide you with additional details about your specific migration.
If needed, can our communicated migration date be scheduled for a different date?
Yes. Please contact us at AzureCloudMigration@Viewpoint.com and we will work with you to schedule a date that works better for your company.
What is the timeline for this?
We are planning a gradual migration of our customer base from August 2022 through May 2023. We will migrate the first wave of customers on Sunday, August 14th 2022. These customers have already been selected and scheduled.
How far in advance will Trimble Viewpoint communicate our migration date to us?
Approximately two weeks in advance of your company's scheduled migration date, all 'key contacts' and any others who have opted in to receive release bulletins will receive email communications. Key contacts are designated in the Viewpoint Customer Portal as individuals in your company which will necessarily receive certain communications.
Will the Spectrum user interface change?
No, Spectrum will not change. After the migration you will continue to use the same URL and credentials to access Spectrum as you did before.
What level of involvement will be expected from our company for a successful migration?
We aim to minimize, if not eliminate, the need for your participation. We will contact you regarding the exact schedule and specify any assistance we might need.
Will Trimble Viewpoint require any of our company's assistance with data transfers?
Will my costs/fees change?
No. This activity will not affect your current contract with Trimble Viewpoint.
Will my Viewpoint or Trimble integrations still work after our migration?
Yes. All Viewpoint/Trimble integrations (Service Tech Mobile, Payroll Time Entry, Viewpoint Analytics, etc.) work in Azure.
Will my 3rd-party integrations still work after our migration?
Yes. All functioning 3rd-party integrations work in Azure.
Will my already-established IP whitelistings remain?
Yes. We will move all previously established whitelistings to Azure.
Will my Spectrum public IP change?
Yes. If you have services set up on premises that rely on a specific Spectrum public IP address (Exchange, Outlook, etc), you will need to update them accordingly, after the migration.
Will my Spectrum public DNS endpoint change?
No. You may use your existing public DNS endpoint (for example, customer1.dexterchaney.com) to access the Web URL and SQL data.
If I have remaining questions, should I contact Support?
Yes. Please share your questions or concerns using the Viewpoint Customer Portal to submit a Support case.