Introduction to Info-Link

Info-Link provides two main functions:

  • First, it allows a non-technical person (for example, the Spectrum Systems Administrator) to set up and maintain the security that controls access to the Spectrum database.

  • Second, it provides a way to look at the structure of the Spectrum database in order to find which tables store which information.

Info-Link Security

In most situations it is very important to control who receives access, what information they get access to, and what they can do to the database. Info-Link makes it easy for the Spectrum Systems Administrator to set up and maintain this security without special database training.

With Info-Link, the following types of security can be set up:

  • Allow one or more users to have read-only access to one or more specific database tables.

  • Allow one or more users to have full access (read and write permissions) to one or more specific database tables.

  • Create a group with access to one or more tables and then assign users to this group.

Info-Link also provides the Systems Administrator with reports and inquiries that show exactly who has access to which tables in the database. With Info-Link security set up, the Spectrum systems administrator can be confident that users will only have access to specific parts of the database and will be limited in what they can do.

All of the Spectrum data is stored in the SQL database (for example, Microsoft SQL Server). The database has built-in security features that can be used to limit access to the database. Info-Link provides an easy-to-use interface to the database security features.

Here is an overview of how Info-Link works to set up database security:

  1. Spectrum systems administrator adds a user to Info-Link and gives the user access rights to one or more database tables.
  2. Info-Link issues the commands to the database to set up the corresponding users and permissions in the database (for example, "grant select on <table name> to <user>" or "grant select, update, delete, insert on <table name> to <user>").

For security reasons, limited access should be given to the Info-Link security setup programs. These programs control which users have access to which Spectrum tables, based on passwords and security clearance levels. Normally, the same person who administers the security for the Spectrum software should administer the Info-Link security.

Before users can access the Info-Link menu, the Systems Administrator needs to add the Info-Link security category to operator security. (Refer to the Security manual for detailed instructions on how to do this.) After accessing the Info-Link menu, the Systems Administrator can then set up the operator and table security for each Info-Link user.

The Systems Administrator will normally be the only one who has access to the Info-Link security setup menu choices. Other users may want to have access to the Table Directory Inquiry (which allows you to see which information is stored in which Spectrum tables) and the Function / Table Cross-Reference feature.

Locating Information in Spectrum Database

Info-Link provides two ways to find where information is stored in the Spectrum database: by module, or by screen function ID.

  • Use the Table Directory Inquiry screen to view and print database table names and column documentation for Spectrum tables by module.