Spectrum's New Help Site

The Help experience will change for those using Spectrum versions 2021 or older.

What's changing?

This section applies only to Spectrum users whose version is 2021 R3 or prior.

Spectrum versions released prior to 2022 are no longer being updated, and neither is the legacy Help site which they are integrated with.

In August 2022, the legacy Help site will be decommissioned and all attempts to reach the legacy site - including those from pre-2022 versions of the Spectrum application - will be redirected to this page.

Spectrum users on versions prior to 2022 R1 will no longer be able to go directly from a Spectrum screen to its relevant page in the online Help.

When is the redirect starting?

If your organization upgrades to a 2022 version before August 16, your contextual Help functionality will be uninterrupted.

Starting August 16, 2022, if you are using a Spectrum version released in 2021 or previous:
  • when you select Help from within Spectrum, instead of going to a Help page which is relevant to your screen, you will be redirected to this page.
  • Once you arrive to this page, you can navigate to the relevant page.

The Spectrum application is designed with your convenience in mind. To retain contextual Help functionality - please upgrade to a version of 2022 before August 16.

To learn about its many features, see About Viewpoint Help.

About Module Organization in Spectrum Help

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Spectrum module groupings
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