What's New in Spectrum 2022 R3

Spectrum 2022 R3 is the year-end release which contains the required changes for processing Forms like W2s, 1099s, and those for ACA. We've also added other time-saving improvements, and fixes to customer-reported issues.

U.S. regulatory updates for tax year 2022

In support of the 2022 tax year filings, we've updated Spectrum so that the pertinent reports and electronic files are IRS-compliant, as well as functional with our partners like Nelco and Aatrix.

With this version, you can confidently proceed with your year end processing. We've updated things like:
  • Nelco and Aatrix electronic file outputs
  • These forms are all updated as needed for your use during year-end processing.
    • Form 1099-NEC
    • Form 1099-MISC
    • Form W-2
Canada regulatory updates

Canadian filing forms did not require changes this year.

Easier state unemployment filing for U.S. payrolls

In expanding our integration with Aatrix, Spectrum can now generate data files for electronic filing of U.S. state unemployment (SUTA/SUI) reports.

Some states require electronic filing of SUTA reports, and with Spectrum you can opt to use this convenient method even if your state doesn't require it. See new filing instructions in Unemployment Tax Report, or for general information about using Aatrix, see Aatrix Report Filing.

Note: Aatrix is available only via Trimble Construction One.

Expanded state and local tax filing options

Spectrum can now compile and send state and local income tax data to Aatrix, who can coordinate with you to file the relevant forms using the appropriate methods, for a fee.

Among all states, this release includes more than 150 new options. To see what new filings are available for any state:
  1. Go to Payroll > Reports > Aatrix Report Filing.
  2. Select the State button.
  3. In the Tax code drop-down, choose a state.

Flexible control over what appears on the W-2

Using an enhanced window in the W-2 Build Process, you can decide which tax codes appear or not in boxes 15 through 20.

To see the list of tax codes you can opt to include on the W-2s, go to Payroll > Period End > W-2 Processing > Build W-2 Forms and select the Overrides button.

Select the checkbox for each tax code you want to appear in the Edit W-2 Forms screen and the resultant W-2s.

Improved control of your service business

In response to customer requests, we’ve enhanced security permissions enforcement in Service Requests in the context of adding new Sites and new Customers, providing better control over which users can do these functions.

Spectrum 2022 R3 Bug Fixes

We've provided fixes to over a dozen customer-reported issues. To see issues fixed in this version:
  1. Go to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal.

    Log in if necessary.

  2. Use the filter options to select your product and module.
  3. In the Fixed in Version field, enter 2022 R3.
  4. Click Apply Filters.