What's New in Spectrum 2023 R1

Spectrum 2023 R1 contains updates, time-saving enhancements, and fixes to customer-reported issues.

Continued Success with Azure Migrations

We continue to migrate customer organizations from AWS to Azure with little to no disruption to daily operations.

Placing our infrastructure onto Microsoft Azure lets us take advantage of Microsoft's significant cloud investments, such as collaboration, data processing and management, and security. For more information, see Migration to Azure FAQs.

If your organization hasn't already been migrated, you don't need to take action - we'll contact the necessary representatives and proceed when it works best.
Note: This migration pertains only to organizations whose Spectrum instance is part of a Trimble Construction One contract.

Easier Vendor Payment Method change

You now have an easy and efficient way to convert the payment method for vendors from electronic payments to paper checks, using a new screen dedicated to this purpose.

The Reset ePayments Vendor to Check screen lists all vendors currently set with a payment method of ePayments so you can choose which vendors you want to set with a payment method of check.

To visit this new screen, go to Accounts Payable > Utilities > Reset ePayments Vendor to Check.

Updated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report

For the accuracy of your 2022 EEO reporting, whose collection is slated to open in mid-July 2023, the EEO-1 Component 2 report now uses the updated salary bands as provided by the EEO Commission.

For additional information, see https://www.eeoc.gov/data/eeo-1-data-collection.

Automatic weather-data import option removed

With this version, your Spectrum application no longer has the Reported Weather section nor the Get Weather button that used to be in the Daily Log screen (Project Management > Project Log > Daily Log).

However, this functionality is available in our other project management solutions, Team and ProjectSight.

These are unaffected by this change:
  • historical weather data you've already imported will remain in the daily log records
  • you can still enter observed weather information

Non-applicable button removed

If your organization's license model is Named User License (NUL), the On Demand Usage button in the Operator Maintenance screen - and the screen the button would launch - have both been removed in this version.

Since each license belonging to your organization is assigned to a specific user, the on-demand information provided by the screen isn't relevant or helpful to you.

For organizations whose license model is Concurrent User License (CUL), the button and the screen it launches remain, since it's meaningful to assess any license usage beyond the license count stipulated by their contract.

For additional information, see About On-Demand Usage.

More Show Me How videos

Throughout your application, selected screens have embedded video tutorials, accessible by clicking on the "Show Me How" button. Show Me How videos provide Spectrum-screen-level videos of common functions, giving you yet another tool for learning Spectrum.

This release adds new Show Me How videos to these screens in the Payroll module:

Data Entry
  • Pre-Time Cards
Payment Processing
  • Set Cycle
  • Transfer Pre-Time Cards
  • Time Card Entry
  • Calculate Checks
  • Calculation Reports
  • Check Adjustments
  • Print Checks
  • Pay Cycle Reports
  • Auto Deposits
  • Update Pay Cycle

Spectrum 2023 R1 Bug Fixes

We've provided fixes to {n} customer-reported issues. To see issues fixed in this version:
  1. Log in to the Track Cases/Issues page of the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  2. Use the filter options to select your product and module.
  3. In the Fixed in Version field, enter 2023 R1.
  4. Click Apply Filters.