Confidential Payroll Year End Instructions

This section is ONLY for clients with the Confidential Payroll module installed on their systems. It should be used as a supplement to the Payroll Year End Checklist. With Spectrum Confidential Payroll, all payroll records for selected employees are stored in a separate "confidential company" to maintain security.

Multiple Company Reporting and W-2's

In the Confidential Payroll module, the option is available to print reports and generate W-2's on employees from multiple companies, including the Confidential Company. Reports run through the Payroll module within the confidential company contain information only on employees who are entered in the Confidential Payroll company.

To access the multi-company reports option, from the site map, go to Confidential Payroll > Report Companies. Enter the companies that you would like to report out consolidated information. The multi-company reporting will impact the following functions:

  • Confidential Payroll > W-2 Processing (users will be given the option to build W-2's for confidential employees only or for all companies entered in the Report Companies function)

  • Confidential Payroll > All Reports

  • Confidential Payroll > Build Electronic Data File

The following quarterly tax reports are available at Confidential Payroll:

  • Payroll Register

  • Unemployment Tax Report

  • Quarterly Federal Tax Report

  • State Disability Insurance Report

  • Subject to Tax Report

  • Workers' Compensation Report (Rate per $100)

  • Workers' Compensation Report (Rate per Hour)

  • Workers' Compensation Job Expense Report

  • Employee Earnings History Report