Year End Processing Screen

The Year End Processing screen links module-by-module to the screens needed when processing year end.

These screens are also available from within each module (for example, Payroll > Period End > W-2 Processing leads to the same screen as Site Map > System Administration > Year End > Year End Processing > Payroll). The Year End Processing screen is provided for convenience when completing your Year End to-do list.

To access the Year End Processing screen, go to System Administration > Year End > Year End Processing.

Only the modules licensed and installed on your system will appear on this screen. After clicking into a module on this screen, a green check mark will appear next to the module button, to show what modules you have completed.

For detailed information on processing Year End for each of the Modules, please see the Payroll Processing and Non-Payroll Processing topics

Accounts Payable

Equipment Control

Fixed Assets

Materials Management


General Ledger