What's New in Traqspera 2024 R5

The 2024 R5 release of Traqspera introduces a more consistent clock-in / clock-out experience for web and mobile, and allows users to log in to the mobile application using their Trimble ID. This release is available as of 5/29/24.

New Features

Export Timesheet, Equipment, and Expense Entries to a .CSV File

A new Export to CSV button has been added to the Timesheet Export, Equipment Export, and Expense Export pages, giving you the option to download entries to a .csv file before sending them to Spectrum.

  • Timesheet entries are exported to a .zip file (containing a .csv file or files) to allow for multiple types of exported entries.

  • The system exports up to 800 entries per .csv or .zip file. If an export includes more than 800 entries, multiple .csv or .zip files will be downloaded.

Note: Optionally, you can import the entries from the .csv file into an Excel template for the purposes of transferring the data into Spectrum using the Spectrum Data Exchange. See the Spectrum Office Add-In guide in Spectrum Help for details.

Download User License and Permissions Information to a .CSV File

A new Download User & Permissions CSV button has been added to the User Management page. Select this option to download a .csv file that you can use to audit user license information, assigned roles, account status, and permissions across the system.

Note: The downloaded .csv file includes all user license and permissions information, regardless of the user's filter selections as shown on the screen.

Log In With Trimble ID on the Mobile Application

Users with a Trimble account can now sign in to the mobile application with their Trimble ID. On the login page, select Login With TID. Then enter the login credentials associated with your Trimble ID account. For more details, see Log In / Log Out in Traqspera Mobile.

New Help Content

This latest release of Traqspera Help includes the following new sections:


Clock In / Clock Out

The clock-in / clock-out experience has been made more consistent between the web and mobile applications. As part of this improvement, the following changes were made:

  • The configuration of the Equipment On Clocking setting now applies to both web and mobile.

  • When clocked in, users can now add or edit Comments on the web or a mobile device.

In addition, the following fields now display during clock-in / clock-out on both the web and a mobile device when the associated permissions are enabled.
FieldPermission Required
Additional Hour TypeCan Use Additional Hour Type
Rate LevelRate Level On Timesheets (view or edit)
TravelCan Use Travel
Union CodeUnion Code On Timesheets (view or edit)
Wage CodeWage Code On Timesheets (view or edit)


You can now have union codes and wage codes filter based on the job selected during time entry. To configure this feature, you must complete required job and phase setup in Spectrum. In addition, you must enable specific permissions and settings in Traqspera, including the new setting, Use Job and Sub Job to Filter Union and Wage Code Options on Timesheets.

For more details, see Filter Union Codes and Wage Codes by Job.


The current Support contact information has been added to the page loading error message.

Issues Fixed

The following issue was fixed in the web application for the current release.

  • On the Timesheet Summary page, if a user selected a filter and then scrolled up or down on the page with the filter options still showing, the text for those options moved with the page.