What's New in Trimble Work Center 2022 R11

This release enables you to access Dashboards in Viewpoint Analytics using the Analytics widget in the Trimble Work Center.

Access Dashboards from the Analytics Widget

With this release, you can now access your Viewpoint Analytics Dashboards directly from the Trimble Work Center.

From the Analytics widget, select View Dashboards to open the Dashboards page in Viewpoint Analytics.

Note: If you belong to more than one enterprise in Viewpoint Analytics, when you select an option from the Analytics widget, the following screen allows you to select the desired enterprise.

Enhancements to Widgets

This release includes minor improvements and fixes for a number of widgets in the Work Center.

Access the Work Center

To access the Work Center, go to: https://workcenter.apps.trimble.com/.

You can take advantage of the Work Center if your company's subscription is part of our Trimble Construction One contract. Additionally, the Work Center requires that you sign in with a Trimble ID.