Field Definitions

Find definitions of each of the fields and measures included in each of the Project Management data sources.

Note that the fields and measures used in the operational reporting features in Viewpoint Team, such as the Contract Summary and Billings-to-Date sections of the project dashboard, are the same as those used in Viewpoint Analytics Team Reporting and have the same definitions.

Note: Definitions in this section apply primarily to Team Reporting. If you cannot find the definition for a field that appears in Dashboards or Vista Reports, refer to the Vista Help.
Note: Information in Team Reporting is automatically imported from your ERP enterprise and from Viewpoint Team. Data from your ERP is updated once a day after business hours. Data from Team (for example, Daily Logs) is updated every five minutes.

Project Management Data Sources

  • The Contract Billings data source provides summary contract billing information and contract changes on jobs.

  • The Cost Detail data source provides detailed Job Cost History and includes Cost, Hours and Quantity information for both Estimates and Projections.

  • The Daily Logs data source provides details about Daily Logs for your projects in Team.

  • The Job Cash Flow data source allows you to create reports that show summary information about the components of cash flow. This includes cash in from customers and cash out to pay expenses on the job.

  • The Job Financials data source provides summary level job information for both revenue and costs.

  • The Materials data source provides summary information about items ordered and received on the job using purchase orders and job requisitions.

  • The RFIs data source provides RFI details to help you analyze and track RFIs for your projects.

  • The Subcontracts data source provides summary information about subcontracts on a job including Billed Amounts, Billed Quantities, Revised Contract and Revised Quantities.

  • The Submittals data source provides details to help you analyze and track Submittals for your projects.