Access Viewpoint Analytics

Open Viewpoint Analytics from the Trimble Construction One workcenter.

From the home page of the Trimble Construction One workcenter, you can access your Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting reports by selecting the Analytics heading or one of the Team Reporting folders under the Analytics heading. You can also select the plus icon to create a new report.

Note that the options in this section vary based on your Analytics role.

You can also access Viewpoint Analytics as described below.

  • From the Trimble Construction One home page, click the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, and then select Analytics to open the Viewpoint Analytics home page.
  • From the upper right-hand corner of the Trimble Construction One workcenter, select the , and then select Analytics to open Viewpoint Analytics home page.

The Viewpoint Analytics Home page appears. The home page provides easy access to Team Reporting reports such as Standard Reports, Public Reports, and reports saved in the My Reports directory.

Depending on the Analytics features you have been assigned by the Enterprise Admin, you may see some or all of the following tabs:In addition, from the Viewpoint Analytics Home page, you can create a new report, easily access Help pages and video tutorials, or send a suggestion.