About Upgrading your Viewpoint ID to Trimble

Learn about the upgrade from Viewpoint ID/SSO to Trimble accounts.

The requirement to upgrade to a Trimble account applies to you only if you are based in North America and already use the Trimble Construction One (TC1) login screen to access your Viewpoint application(s).
Note: If your organization uses Azure AD for your login process, skip down to the section titled If you log in using Azure AD. The information before that section does not apply to you.
What you should know
  • You don't need to do anything to prompt the upgrade. It occurs automatically.
  • After you've upgraded, you are redirected to Trimble to complete your login each time, and you have the same access to the same applications.
  • This necessary upgrade prepares the way for accessing additional Trimble products, as well as certain features in your existing Trimble Viewpoint applications.
See the Trimble Account Upgrade FAQ Knowledge Base article for addition information.

On the day of the upgrade

You must have access to your email to complete the upgrade because the upgrade process sends an email with a validation code which you must retrieve and use.

The upgrade begins when you log in as you always have. You are redirected to a Trimble web page and guided through the process step by step. Completing all steps should take less than 5 minutes.

This video demonstrates the upgrade process.

If you use multi-factor authentication (MFA), watch this video too.

If you log in using Azure AD

If you log in using Microsoft login screens, you are using Azure AD. Nothing will change for you until a required Trimble-Azure connection has been set up for your organization. Viewpoint personnel will work with your organization's Enterprise Admin(s) to establish this connection, and you will receive notification directly from your Enterprise Admin when it is ready.

Once the Trimble-Azure connection has been made, your process for logging in will have only one additional step.
  • After entering your email address into the current Trimble Construction One login screen, you will be directed to a Trimble login screen, where your email address will appear by default.
  • You will only need to select Next to continue with your usual Azure login process.

This video demonstrates the Trimble-Azure AD login experience.

Note: Until your Trimble-Azure connection is ready, you won't be able to take the steps below. Watch for communications from your Enterprise Admin.
Take the steps to upgrade.