Manage Permission Groups

Permission Groups define what tags a group of users can access and what permissions that group has for tags and reports.

Permission Groups and tags are used in conjunction to organize and control access to reports.

Note: Permission Groups do not control what data appears in a report. The data displayed in a Paginated Report is controlled by the access levels, configured in Vista, for the user who is accessing the report.
Note: The Analytics Admin role has full permissions to view, create, edit, and delete permission groups, tags, and reports, and does not need to add themselves to a group.

A Permission Group, by default, has view-only access to any tags applied to that group. However additional access levels, as described in Access Levels for Permission Groups, can be applied to a Permission Group.

Note: For Spectrum users, in preparation for future customization capabilities, permission groups can be used to control access to Dashboards.

About Viewing Reports

Permissions to view and run a report are granted by assigning the report to a tag and assigning the tag to a Permission Group.

About Conflicting Permissions

If a user is in two groups with permissions that conflict, the permissions they are granted take precedence over any restrictions. For example, if a user is one group with full Report Actions permissions, and also in another group with no Report Actions permissions, that user will have full Report Actions permissions for all reports that they can access. However, note that what reports they can access is still controlled by the tags assigned to the groups to which they belong.