Working with Dashboards

Dashboards provide visualizations of your ERP (Spectrum and Vista) data to enable you to make data-driven decisions for your enterprise.

From each Dashboard, you can filter the data to see relevant details, modify how the data is displayed, and export the data as either an .xlsx or .csv file.

About Data Security and Data Refresh

By using Single Sign-on, Dashboards in Viewpoint Analytics retain any security settings configured for a user in your ERP (Vista or Spectrum).

Currently, data refresh varies according to your ERP, as follows:

  • For Spectrum: information in Dashboards is streamed automatically from Spectrum. Any updates to data in Spectrum are immediately available in Dashboards.
  • For Vista: information in Dashboards is automatically imported from Vista and updated once a day after business hours.
Note: Work is under way to provide streaming Dashboards for Vista enterprises as well.

Available Dashboards

Viewpoint Analytics currently includes the following Dashboards:
  • The Commitments Dashboard provides summary and detailed information about committed costs for your projects organized by parameters such as company, job, phase, and cost type. For details, see Commitments Dashboard Overview.
  • The Contract Status Dashboard provides summary and detailed information about contract status. For details, see Contract Status Dashboard Overview.
  • The Job Cost Detail Dashboard provides both summary and detailed Job Cost information for your projects, including cost, hours, and quantity information for both estimates and projections. For details, see Job Cost Detail Dashboard Overview.
Note: At this time, Dashboards have pre-configured parameters. You can filter the Dashboards, and drill down into the details, but cannot change the basic parameters for each Dashboard.


If you don't see Dashboards listed under Analytics Features on the User Management page in the Admin Center, you can request Dashboards for your enterprise by logging in to the Viewpoint Customer Portal and contacting Support.

Note the following requirements:
  • You can take advantage of Dashboards if your company's subscription for Trimble Viewpoint is part of our Trimble Construction One contract, and you have a Viewpoint Analytics license. For information on managing licenses, see About Managing Analytics Licenses
  • Users must first be using single sign-on (SSO) in your ERP (Vista or Spectrum) in order to access Dashboards.
    • Vista: For details on enabling SSO for Vista users, see Enable Single Sign-on in the Vista Help.
    • Spectrum: For details on enabling SSO for Spectrum users, see Single Sign-On in the Spectrum Help.


Once Trimble Viewpoint has enabled Dashboards for your enterprise, the Enterprise Admin can edit the users in your enterprise to provide access to the Dashboards feature. For details editing user settings, see Edit a User.