Filter a Dashboard

You can filter a Dashboard in a number ways.

By default, Dashboard filters are set to All. You can change one or more filters to display data for only the parameters you want to view.

For example, in the Commitments Dashboard, if you want to only see open jobs for a particular company, you could select the company name in the JC Company - Name filter, and then, in the Job Status filter, select the option for Open.

  1. From the row directly below the Dashboard heading, select a filter menu to view the options for that filter, and then select the filter option to apply it.
    The Dashboard tiles update according to the applied filter(s).
  2. (Optional) You can also select a data point in a Dashboard tile to filter the entire Dashboard according to the data point. For example, in the Commitments Dashboard, selecting a company or job code in one of the tiles filters the Dashboard to show only data for that company or job.
  3. (Optional) From the Summary or Detail tab, you can right-click a row and select one of the following to filter the view:
    • Include. Select to view only the selected row.
    • Exclude. Select to remove the selected row from the list.
    • Drill through. Select to display the Detail or Summary view for that row.

Once one or more filters have been applied, you can select the filter icon to view the filters that are in use.

To clear a filter, move your cursor above the filter and select the Clear Selections icon.