Job Cost Detail Dashboard - Spectrum

The Job Cost Detail Dashboard provides an overview of job costs for your enterprise and includes options to filter the data by parameters such as cost type or phase.

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab provides graphs for the Cost and Projected Cost as well as the Quantity and Projected Quantity.

Note that in each tile, you can scroll down to view each item. You can also hover over an item to view the details for that item.

You can filter the dashboard using the parameters in the four menus shown. Note that you can also display the information as a table by selecting a data point, right-clicking, and selecting Show data point as a table.

For instructions on filtering, see Filter a Dashboard.

To learn about the different options for interacting with the tiles in a Dashboard, see Dashboard Options.

Summary Tab

The summary tab provides a summary of your job costs with all the parameters shown in a table format. From the summary tab, you can select a parameter, right-click, and select Drill through to view details for that parameter.

Detail Tab

The Detail tab provides a detailed view of your job costs, as well as comprehensive filtering options.

Note that multiple transactions that share the same job, phase, cost type, source, and day are combined on the same row.