Add a Report

You can upload an SSRS report to convert it into a Paginated Report and make it available in Analytics.

Note the following:
  • You can only upload one report at a time.
  • The report must use the .RDL file format.
  • The data source(s) in the report must start with "viewpoint" or "kds."
  • Because Paginated Reports run with the current user's permissions, the user must have permissions to view and/or execute any custom SQL objects accessed by the report (for example, custom stored procedures or views). Note that this differs from SSRS, which generally runs reports using a shared service account.

You can apply tags to a report when you add it, or by editing the report after it's been added.

  1. From the Dashboard tab, select Add Report.
    Note: If you don't see the Add Report button, you haven't been assigned the appropriate access level. Contact your Analytics Admin for assistance.
  2. From the Report Upload page, select Add File, and then navigate to and select the .RDL file you want to upload.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop an .RDL file onto the page to upload it.
  3. In the Report Name field, enter a name for the report or select Use file name to use the file name as the name of the report.
  4. In the Report Description field you can enter a description of the report.
    Once the report has been added, the description will be available from the Dashboard tab by selecting the Report Details option.
  5. Select Tag and Share to apply tags to the report and give access to other Analytics users in your enterprise.
  6. From the Tag and Share page, you can select the tags you want to apply to the report and then publish the report to share it with the permission groups associated with the selected tags.
    1. Select the tags you want to apply to the report. Existing tags are shown under the Tags heading.
      Depending on your permissions, you may have the following additional options:
      • Create a new tag by selecting the Create New Tag icon.
      • Edit an existing tag by selecting the settings option for that tag.
      For more information on creating and managing tags, see Manage Tags.
      Note: Reports with the Public Report tag are available to all users who can access Paginated Reports and are indicated with a globe icon.
    2. Under the Sharing With heading, review the permission groups and users who will be able to access the report based on your selected tags once the report is published.
    3. Under Description, you can add a description for the report.
  7. Select Publish Report to make the report available to selected groups.
The published report is now available on the Dashboards tab.