Edit a Report

You can edit a Paginated Report or Dashboard to add or remove tags or to modify the report title or description.

  1. From the Dashboards tab, navigate to the Paginated Report or Dashboard and select the options menu on the right-hand side.
  2. From the options menu, select Edit to open the Edit Report page.
  3. Under the Edit Report heading, you can select the field with the report title and edit the title if needed.
  4. Under the Tags heading, you can select a tag to add or remove it from the report or Dashboard.
  5. Depending on your permissions, you can also create a new tag or edit an existing tag.
  6. In the Description field on the bottom-right, you can edit the description for the report.
  7. When you're finished making edits, select Save Report.
To exit the Edit Report page at any time, select Cancel, and then select Exit.