Paginated Report Options

In addition to viewing and running a report, you can edit report tags, download the report as an .RDL file, view report details, or copy a link to the report that you can share or paste into another browser.

To access report options, from the Dashboard tab, select the options menu on the right-hand side of the report.

The following options are available:
  • Edit: select to open the Report Edit page where you can add, remove, or modify tags, and edit a report description. For instructions, see Edit a Report.
  • Copy link: select to copy a link to the report to your clipboard.
  • Download: select to download the report as an .RDL file to your computer.
  • Report Details: select to view details about a report including the report description, information about the history of the report, and a list of the permission groups who can access the report.
  • Delete: select to delete a report. For instructions, see Delete a Report.