Commitments Dashboard - Vista

The Commitments dashboard provides summary and detailed information about committed costs for your projects. Commitments are organized by parameters such as company, job, job status, phase, and cost type.

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab provides a variety of graphs, which include the percentage complete of your commitments, current and remaining costs by Job, Phase, Company, and Purchase Order/Subcontract Ledger, as well as invoiced amount and current cost, and paid amount by Job.

Note that in each tile, you can scroll down to view each item. You can also hover over an item to view the details for that item.

You can filter the dashboard using the parameters in the four drop-down menus shown, by selecting a data point in one of the Dashboard tiles, or by right-clicking a data point and selecting the drill-through option. For example, you could use the drill-through option to see the status of an invoice organized by vendor.

For instructions on filtering, see Filter a Dashboard.

To learn about the different options for interacting with the tiles in a Dashboard, see Dashboard Options.

Summary Tab

The summary tab provides a quick way to view the status of your project commitments organized by by vendor. From the summary tab, you can select a vendor, right-click and select Drill-through to view details for that specific vendor.

Detail Tab

The Detail tab provides a detailed view of your project commitments, as well as comprehensive filtering options.

Note that using the Drill-through option from the Detail tab opens the Summary view for the selected item.