Contract Status Dashboard - Spectrum

The Contract Status dashboard provides summary and detailed information about contract status.

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab provides graphs for cost, projected cost, and estimated cost by period, as well as gross profit, provision for loss, and over/under billed.

Note that in each tile, you can hover over an item to view the details for that item.

You can filter the dashboard using the parameters in the six drop-down menus shown, by selecting a data point in one of the Dashboard tiles, or by right-clicking a data point and selecting the drill-through option. For example, you could use the drill-through option to see the contract or cost details for a specific job.

For instructions on filtering, see Filter a Dashboard.

To learn about the different options for interacting with the tiles in a Dashboard, see Dashboard Options.

Summary, Contract, Costs

In the tab for Summary, you can view a comprehensive list rolled up by Job and Period with contract and cost details for each.

In the tab for Contract, you can view other contract information such as the original contract value, and approved and executed changes.

In the tab for Costs, you can view details such as cost, projected cost, and estimated cost.

To spotlight a single row, select it, and the other rows are grayed out.