Team Reporting

Find instructions on viewing, creating, copying, and modifying reports using Team Reporting.

For an overview of Viewpoint Analytics, see About Viewpoint Analytics™.

Note: If your company's subscription for Vista or Spectrum is part of our Trimble Construction One contract, and if your company is located in North America, you can take advantage of Viewpoint Analytics.

To review videos on using Team Reporting in Viewpoint Analytics, see Videos.

About Data Refresh and Data Access

Information in Team Reporting is automatically imported from your ERP enterprise and from Viewpoint Team. Data from your ERP is updated once a day after business hours. Data from Team (for example, Daily Logs) is updated every five minutes.

By default, Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting provides data only for projects that are available in Team. For enterprises with Vista, depending on the data access settings for your user account, you can view data for all Vista projects in a business unit or your entire enterprise, including projects that have not been added to Team.

For more information about Data Access levels, see User Roles and Data Access.


The Enterprise Admin can edit the users in your enterprise to provide access to the Team Reporting feature. For details on editing user settings, see Edit a User.