About Chart Options

When editing a report and viewing it as a chart, you can configure a number of report options with the Chart Options dialog.

To access the Chart Options dialog, select the Chart Format option in the View As field at the top of the report window, and then click the Chart Options link in the left-hand column.

Once you have configured chart options, you can click Apply to update your report with your changes up to that point, and continue working with the Chart Options. After you are done setting options for your chart, click OK, and the report will refresh to reflect the options.

General tab

Use the General tab to determine background colors, fonts, or set the domain limit for the maximum number of plot values for your report.
  • Background: Fill type defines the background color of the chart and the fill colors used. Choose None, Solid, or Gradient with the drop-down menu.
  • Labels: Use the drop-down menus to choose a font for your data labels, specify the size and type for the font, and change the font color with the color picker.
  • Domain Limit: Use Max Number of Plot Values to set the maximum number of plot values used in your report.

Axis tab

Use the Axis tab to define how the x-axis and y-axis appear on your report.

  • Primary Axis: The Auto Range check box calculates the Start and Stop value automatically. If you want to specify the values, uncheck the box and fill out the Start and Stop fields.

    Start: Use to set the starting value for the axis.

    Stop: Use to set the stopping value for the axis.

  • Scale: Increase the scale for the primary axis, or leave it set to a default of None.
  • Secondary Axis: Available for Scatter and Column-Line Combo charts only. Secondary Axis has the same options as Primary Axis.

Legend tab

The Legend tab has features you can use to customize the look of the legend that goes along with your report.
  • Show Legend: Uncheck this box to remove the legend from your report.
  • Position: Use the dropdown to move the legend to the Top, Right, Bottom, or Left of your report.
  • Background Color: Use this to change the background color of the legend. Click on the Background Color box to bring up the color picker.
  • Font: Use the dropdown menus to choose a font for your data labels, specify the size and type for the font, and change the font color of the legend.

Other tab

Use the Other tab to tailor the look of the small charts for your report, if you have the Multi-Chart option selected. You can alter the size of negative values, or specify how you want Analyzer to show empty cells in your report.
  • Multi-Charts: : Select Charts Per Row to specify how many multi-charts on each row appear.

    Use Axis Auto Range for Charts to set the axis range for your multi-charts. You can use the same range for all of the small charts or set them independently.

  • Size By Measure: For Treat Negative Values as, use the dropdown menu to select either Smallest Value or Absolute.
  • Empty Cell Treatment (Line and Area Charts Only): Controls how empty cells appear in your Line and Area charts.