About Report Options

When editing a report and viewing it as a table, you can configure a number of report options with the Report Options dialog.

To access the Report Options dialog, select the Report Format option in the View As field at the top of the report window, and then click the Report Options link in the left-hand column.

Working with Rows Where the Number Cell is Blank

Blank cells are values in your report which are Null or Empty. Viewpoint Analytics™ hides rows and columns when all values in the row or column are blank. You can control what to show when a cell contains a blank value.

Viewpoint Analytics reports are designed to break down number fields (such as "Sales") by Text Fields (such as "Product Name"). If a product did not sell, it will appear either as zero dollars or as a "blank" or dash ("-"). In some reporting situations, the absence of a value could mean the same as if the value was zero. But, in other cases, zero might have a different meaning. The report calculations in the background behave differently depending on whether a value is blank or a zero. For example, when the report calculates averages, zeros are taken into account whereas blanks are not.

What happens when this is no number field on the report?

The following rules apply:

  • If there is only one text field but no number field on the report, then all values will be displayed. For example, all Product Lines will be displayed, even those that did not.
  • If there is more than one text field but no number field on the report, the report will hide some values. Add a number field in order to view the values.

Options for Totals

You can show or hide any of the following:
  • Grand totals for rows
  • Grand totals for columns
  • Totals that include filtered values

Click More Actions on the report edit page and select Report Options from the menu. For more information on totals, see Display Grand Totals.

Drill Link Configuration

To create reports based on specific number value data, you can implement drill-down links in Viewpoint Analytics. This will turn all non-calculated number fields into links which, when clicked, bring up a configurable data grid that enables you to quickly view more details for that data point without having to reconfigure your report. Follow the directions below to turn on drill-linking in the Report Options dialog.

  • Select the Drill-through links on measures checkbox, and then click OK. The number fields in your report will turn into links.
  • Click on a drill-down link to see a data grid that shows all of the available details for that value.
  • To add or remove columns from the grid, click on the down arrow on the right side of any column and select the Columns sub-menu. From there you can select which columns you want to appear. You can also sort by ascending or descending values for any column through this menu.

You now have drill-down links for numeric, non-calculated members.