Rename a Field

You can change the name of a field displayed in a report.

Renaming a field has no effect outside the report. You can always find out the original name of the field by viewing the definition of a field, as described in About Working with Fields.

  1. Right-click the name of the field you want to rename in the report, and then select Edit... to open the field dialog box.
  2. Enter the new name in the Display Name field.
    Note: You can view the original name of the field from this dialog box.
  3. (Optional) Enter the plural version of the new name in the Plural Name used in this report field.
    Note: Plural versions of a field name are useful because Viewpoint Analytics often uses field names in menus and dialog boxes. If you enter a plural version of the new field name, it will automatically be used in situations where the plural form is grammatically correct.
  4. Click OK to save the new field name.
Note: If you want to remove a modified field name, open the Edit... dialog box and delete the existing entries.