Copy a Report

You can copy a report and save it to a different folder. This applies to any report you can view in Viewpoint Analytics.

Note: With an Analytics role of User, when you copy a report, you can only save it to the My Reports folder. With an Analytics role of Admin, when you can copy a report, you can save it to either the My Reports or Public Reports folder.
Copying a report can be useful if you want to use an existing report as a starting point to create another report. For example, you may want to customize a standard report. You could copy the standard report to your own folder, rename it, and modify it as needed.
Note: When you copy a standard report, the new report will not retain the default Job Status filter for "Active" or "Open" jobs. After you have copied the report, if you want to include that filter, you can modify the Job Status filter to add it back. For instructions on applying a filter, see Apply a Filter to a Field.

  1. From the Reports page, in the left-hand column, navigate to the report you want to copy and select it.
  2. Select the Additional Options button , and then select Copy Report.
  3. From the Copy Report dialog, navigate to the folder where you want to save the copied report, and then click Copy.
The report is copied to the new location. If you want to rename the report, you can do so by selecting Additional Options , and then Rename Report.