Create a Calculated Measure

You can use existing measures to create a new calculated measure in your report.

For example, you could show estimated profits by creating a calculated measure that shows revised contract minus estimated cost.
  1. Right click on the column header for an existing measure in your report and select User Defined Measure > Create Calculated Measure....

  2. In the Create a Calculated Measure dialog box, in the Display Name field, enter a name for the new measure.
  3. Determine the format and decimal places, and then select from the list of existing measures and available mathematical symbols to create the new measure.

  4. (Optional) Select Subtotal Calculation if you want the subtotals to be computed by computing the result of the formula with the base number's subtotals. When this check box is clear, the subtotals are computed as a summary of the calculated number's different values. For more details on subtotal calculations, see About Subtotal Calculation in Calculated Measures.