Create a Custom Report

Create a customized report to analyze financial or other information for your project.

Note: Viewpoint Analytics only provides data for projects that are available in Viewpoint Team™.
  1. From the Viewpoint Analytics Reports page, navigate to the folder for your report.
    Note: Reports in the My Reports folder are only available to the user who creates them. Reports in thePublic Reports folder are available throughout your enterprise.
    Tip: If you create a report in the My Reports folder and want to make it available in the Public Reports folder, you can open the report, select the Additional Options button , and then Copy Report to save a copy of the report to Public Reports. Note that this requires an Analytics role of Admin.
  2. Select the Add button in the upper right-hand corner.
    The Select Data Source dialog appears.
  3. Select a data source from the list and then click OK.
    From the New Report page, the left hand column displays a list of available fields that can be used in your report.
  4. Add fields to your report as follows:
    • Drag a field to the Rows, Columns, or Measures section of the Layout panel.
    • Alternatively, you can hover over a field, click , and then click Add to Report.
    The report data appears in the main window.

  5. (Optional) You can add a field property as a new column or row in your report. Right-click the field name, select Show Properties, and then select the name of the property you want to add to the report. Note that the number of properties for each field is indicated next to the name of the field in the left-hand column.
  6. (Optional) You can apply a filter to any field in your report by clicking and selecting Filter. For details, see Apply a Filter to a Field.
  7. (Optional) You can create a custom measure. Once you have added a measure to the Measures column, click > User Defined Measure, and then select an option.
    For details on creating a calculated measure, see Create a Calculated Measure.
  8. (Optional) You can display your report as a table or a chart. Click the drop-down arrow next to View As, and select a display option.
  9. (Optional) From the Properties section, you can configure a number options for your report. For a report in the table format, click Report Options. For a report in the chart format, click Chart Options.
    For information about report options, see About Report Options.
  10. Save your report.
    1. Click the save icon.
    2. In the Save dialog, enter the file name for your report.
      Note: File names cannot include spaces at the beginning or end, and cannot include forward or back slashes: /, \.
    3. Double-click the folder icon next to the Location field to navigate to a folder for the report, and then click Save.
      From the Save dialog, the My Reports folder displays the user login, and the Public Reports folder displays the name of your enterprise.
  • To edit a report at any time, from left-hand panel under My Reports or Public Reports, click on the report name to view it, and then click the Edit icon .

  • To delete a report at any time, from left-hand panel under My Reports or Public Reports, click on the report name to view it, and then click and select Delete Report. A confirmation message appears. Click Delete.

  • To export the report as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file, click Actions > Export, and then select an export option.