Example Report: Show Estimated Profits Across Departments

Create a report to show estimated profits across departments.

  1. From the Viewpoint Analytics Reports page, navigate to the folder for your report.
    Note: Reports in the My Reports folder are only available to the user who creates them. Reports in thePublic Reports folder are available throughout your enterprise.
    Tip: If you create a report in the My Reports folder and want to make it available in the Public Reports folder, you can open the report, select the Additional Options button , and then Copy Report to save a copy of the report to Public Reports. Note that this requires an Analytics role of Admin.
  2. Select the Add button in the upper right-hand corner.
    The Select Data Source dialog appears.
  3. Select a data source from the list and then click OK.
    The New Report page appears.
  4. Add the departments that you want to view in your report.
    1. Click and drag the Department field to the Rows or Columns section of the Layout pane.
    2. You can filter the list of Departments. Click , and then click Filter.

      From the Filter on Department dialog, select one or more departments in the left-hand column and either double-click, or click the > (Add Selected) or >> (Add All) buttons.

      A table with the selected departments appears in the main window.
      Note: For more details about filtering, About Working with Filters.
  5. Add a calculated measure to show estimated profits.
    1. In the list of fields under Measures, select Revised Contract and drag it to the Measures section of the Layout pane.
    2. For Revised Contract, click , and then click User Defined Measure > Create Calculated Measure.
      The Create Calculated Measure dialog appears. From here, you can make a calculation to show estimated profits (revised contract minus estimated cost).
    3. In the Display Name field, enter a name for the calculation (for example, "Estimated Profit") that will appear in the report.
    4. Use the list of measures and the buttons to create a calculation. For estimated profits, click the minus button and then double-click Estimated Cost. The calculation window should show the following: [Measures].[Revised Contract]-[Measures].[Estimated Cost].
    5. Click OK.
  6. To display the report in a bar graph format, from the View As section, click the drop-down arrow, and then select Bar.
    The report displays the revised contract and estimated profits for each department as a bar graph. From this view, you can easily see the profitability of each department.

  7. Save the report.
    1. Click the Save icon.
    2. In the Filename field, enter a file name for your report.
      Note: File names cannot include spaces at the beginning or end, and cannot include forward or back slashes: /, \.
    3. Double-click the folder icon next to the Location field to navigate to a folder for the report, and then click Save.
      From the Save dialog, the My Reports folder displays the user login, and the Public Reports folder displays the name of your enterprise.
You can modify the report in a number of ways. Here are some possible modifications:
  • Add subtotals to the calculated measure:

    In the main window, right-click the Estimated profits heading, and select User Defined Measure > Calculated Measure Properties.

    From the properties dialog, click Calculate subtotals using measure formula, and then click OK.

  • Remove the Revised Contract measure from the report:

    In the main window, right-click the Revised Contract heading, and select Remove from Report.