Link Reports

In Viewpoint Analytics, you can add a link from one report to another. This allows you to connect related reports, and also manage the amount of information displayed in a report.

Identify the report you want the link added to (the source report), and the report you want the link to open (the destination report). You will need to edit both reports in order to link them so be sure to identify reports to which you have edit access.

Note: When viewing a report that includes a link to another report, if a user does not have permissions to view the linked report, selecting that link will result in an error message.

  1. Add a parameter to the destination report by creating a filter. The filter and parameter can be added to any field in the report.

    From your destination report, click the Edit button to edit the report, and add a parameter as follows.

    1. Apply a filter to a field in your report. Either drag the field to the filter area of the screen or right-click the field and select Filter.
    2. From the Filter On dialog, enter a name for the parameter in the Parameter field. The parameter name can be anything. In the following example, the name of the filtered field is used.
    3. Select one ore more values to add to the filter. Click OK. You can select any values but it may help to select values that contain the data you want to see in the report.
    In the following example, a parameter is added to the Job Code filter.

  2. Click the Save button to save the destination report.
  3. Open the report you want to add the link to (the source report), and click the Edit button .
  4. For the column or row that you want to add the link to, right-click in the header and select Hyperlink.
  5. In the Link On dialog, select Enable Link.
  6. For the Link To menu, leave the default selection of Pentaho Repository File. This allows you to link to a report in your repository.

    If you want to link to a URL instead, select URL. Then, in the URL field, enter the full web address you want the hyperlink to launch.

  7. In the File field, click Browse. It may take a few seconds for the browse dialog to appear. When it does, navigate to the destination report, select it, and then click Open.
  8. The parameter you added is shown in the Destination parameter column. Select the checkbox in the Value to use field, and then type the string as shown at the top of the dialog.
    In the following example, the value is {Job Code}.

  9. From the Open In menu, select how you want the destination report to appear.
  10. In the Tool Tip field, enter any text you want to appear when you hover over the link.
  11. Click OK, and then click a link in the source report to verify that it opens the linked destination report.
  12. Click Save to save the report.
    Note: File names cannot include spaces at the beginning or end, and cannot include forward or back slashes: /, \.
The link is added to the source report.