Access Vista Reports

Use the Vista Reports tab to access your Vista Reports.

  1. From the Viewpoint Analytics Home page, select the Vista Reports tab.
    The list of available Vista Reports appears.

    Note: Vista Reports retain your Vista security settings so that you have access only to the reports you can access in Vista.
  2. (Optional) You can use the Category drop-down menu to navigate to a specific module to view the reports in that module.
  3. (Optional) You can use the Search field to search for a specific report.
  4. Select the report name to open it.
  5. In the left-hand column, modify the fields as needed. Make sure to enter values in the required fields, indicated by a red asterisk.
  6. When you have finished modifying the fields, select Load Report.
The Vista Report loads as a PDF.

You can use the standard PDF viewer options to download or print the report.

You can also download the report as a .doc file, using the Export Doc button, or as an .xls file, using the Export Excel button.

To return to the Vista Reports page, select the back arrow next to the report name.