What's New in Viewpoint Analytics 2020 R12

This release includes a new Standard Report for RFIs, a new field for the Cost Detail data source, and improved reporting from Team. It also introduces the new Viewpoint Help site, which provides print and sharing capabilities as well as easy access to Help for other Viewpoint products.

New Standard Report for RFIs

This release adds the RFI Questions & Ball in Court standard report, which enables you to quickly see the state of all RFIs for your Team projects, including whose court they are in, and if they are on track or delayed.

For details on viewing Standard Reports, see View a Standard Report.

New Field for Cost Detail Data Source: Original Estimated Cost

This release adds the Original Estimated Cost measure to the Cost Detail data source. For descriptions of the fields in the Cost Detail data source, see Project Management: Cost Detail.

Improved Reporting from Team

This release includes improvements to the functionality for creating an RFIs report or Daily Logs report in Team. For details, see "Create an RFIs Report" or "Create a Daily Logs Report" in the Team Help.

Application Menu

A new Application Menu has been added to Trimble Construction One, allowing you to easily switch between products. Click in the upper right corner of the workcenter, and then select an application. See About the Application Menu for details.

Viewpoint Help

This release introduces the new Viewpoint Help site. With Viewpoint Help, you can:

  • Access Help for multiple Viewpoint products.
  • Filter your search by categories such as "product" or "video."
  • Easily print or generate PDFs of individual Help pages or entire sections of Help.

For more information on Viewpoint Help, see About Viewpoint Help.

About Data and Requirements

Note: If your company's subscription for Vista or Spectrum is part of our Trimble Construction One contract, and if your company is located in North America, you can take advantage of Viewpoint Analytics.

Information in Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting is automatically imported from your ERP enterprise and from Viewpoint Team. Data from your ERP is updated once a day after business hours. Data from Team (for example, Daily Logs) is updated every five minutes.

By default, Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting provides data only for projects that are available in Team. For enterprises with Vista, depending on the data access settings for your user account, you can view data for all Vista projects in a business unit or in your enterprise, including projects that have not been added to Team.

About Adding Users

To learn about adding users to Viewpoint Analytics and setting permission levels, see Administration.