What's New in Viewpoint Analytics 2021 R2

The Viewpoint Analytics 2021 R2 release introduces the Submittals data source and two standard reports for Submittals to help you analyze and track Submittals for your projects. This release also adds standard reports for Daily Logs and RFIs to the Reporting menus for those pages in Team.

Submittals Data Source

The Submittals data source allows you to analyze and track data for Submittals in your Team projects.

New Standard Reports for Submittals

This release includes two new standard reports that provide a summary of Submittals data for your Team projects.
  • The Overdue Submittals report shows a summary of all overdue submittals for Team projects, and displays the days overdue for each one.
  • The Pending Submittals report shows a summary of all pending submittals for Team projects, and displays both the lead days and days overdue for each one.

For details about viewing standard reports, see View a Standard Report

Standard Reports in Team

This release provides additional access to standard reports for Submittals, RFIs, and Daily Logs in Team. From the Submittals, RFIs, or Daily Logs page in Team, you can access standard reports by selecting the Reporting option.

Performance Improvements

This release includes performance improvements in Viewpoint Analytics. Depending on the report, you should experience a 30 to 50 percent boost in report rendering times.

Example Reports

To view example reports and learn how to create them, see Example Reports.

About Data and Requirements

Note: If your company's subscription for Vista or Spectrum is part of our Trimble Construction One contract, and if your company is located in North America, you can take advantage of Viewpoint Analytics.

Information in Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting is automatically imported from your ERP enterprise and from Viewpoint Team. Data from your ERP is updated once a day after business hours. Data from Team (for example, Daily Logs) is updated every five minutes.

By default, Viewpoint Analytics: Team Reporting provides data only for projects that are available in Team. For enterprises with Vista, depending on the data access settings for your user account, you can view data for all Vista projects in a business unit or in your enterprise, including projects that have not been added to Team.

About Adding Users

To learn about adding users to Viewpoint Analytics and setting permission levels, see Administration.