Group Areas

Group areas to digitize several areas at once using crossovers, which are lines that connect the areas you want to group together.

Note: The preferred method of grouping is discussed in Display Group Totals, which is done in the Summary tab. This method of using crossovers iin the Area tab is an alternate method.

You do not have to group areas using crossovers to calculate totals for multiple areas. You can select which areas to total together in the Summary tab, or you can group by area types.

Group several areas together using crossovers as you digitize the areas. When you digitize areas using crossovers, you are digitizing multiple areas as a single area using crossover lines to connect the areas together.

Grouping areas is similar to excluding interior areas because you can use crossovers to cross between areas. However, when you group areas, you digitize areas in the same direction. When you exclude interior areas, you digitize interior areas in the opposite direction you took off the main area.

For more details, see Group Areas Using Crossovers.