Create an Earthwork Estimate

Create an Earthwork estimate to determine the estimated cost of an Earthwork job. You can then use the estimate as a basis for a bid.

  1. Optional: If needed, modify PDF files to prepare them for import using the Advanced Image Management screen.
  2. On the Manage Eathwork Estimates, create a new Earthwork estimate job.
  3. Optional: If you haven't already done so, set your preferences.
  4. Optional: If needed, modify the settings for your images, set the location of the drawing on the digitizer, or import digital plans.
  5. Use the Earthwork tools to set defaults and limits to simplify the estimating process.
  6. Use the Layer Manager to add and manage the layers for the job.
  7. Digitize lines, spot elevations, and soil borings using the Takeoff tab.
  8. Digitize areas such as site perimeter, job phase, or borrow pit and determine the cut and fill required using the Area tab.
  9. Digitize trenches including the trench dimensions, pipes, and bedding materials.
  10. Using the Len/EA tab, digitize lengths and counts to add items such as waterlines, fences, trees, and hydrants to the Earthwork estimate.
  11. Optional: View the jobsite in 3D to get a better understanding of the jobsite.
  12. Optional: View the jobsite in cross sections using the Section Tab.
  13. View the jobsite in a grid to calculate cut and fill quantities.
  14. Summarize the Earthwork estimate to view the job totals.
  15. Use the Layout tab to send information about the job to the field.
After you create an Earthwork estimate, you may want to Export Job Totals to Estimating.