Digitize Elevations

To digitize elevations, you can use a digitizer, which you will use to trace over paper drawings to enter elevations and areas into the job, or you can use digital plans, which you will import into the Earthwork module and trace over with your mouse to enter elevations and areas into the job.

Although you can digitize elevations in any order, Viewpoint recommends that you follow these steps to ensure that you digitize all the elevations correctly.
  1. Digitize all lines and spot elevations in the existing layer.
  2. Digitize all lines and spot elevations in the proposed layer.
  3. Digitize all the soil borings on the site in the substrata layer.
All elevations are digitized from the Takeoff and Area tabs. The Takeoff tab enables you to digitize lines, spot elevations, and soil borings. The Area tab enables you to define areas for the job site.
Use the Trench tab to add trenches to the job site, and use the Len/EA tab to add any items you need. Once you have digitized all the dimensions of the drawing using these tabs, you can use the 3D tab, the Section tab, and the Grid tab to verify that you have digitized the takeoff correctly. You can use the Summary tab to verify the job totals.
Note: Any use of a digitizer with the job being exported will reduce the accuracy of the exported information. Viewpoint recommends that you do not use a digitizer for machine control jobs.