There are a number of tools available in the Earthwork module that you can use to set defaults and limits to simplify the estimating process.

You can use the Earthwork tools to locate the drawing on a digitizer or to set the scale for the job. You can set minimum and maximum elevations for the job site. You can also define attributes for a number of job site features such as borings, areas, trenches, and pipes.

  • Locate Drawing: Set the location of the drawing on the digitizer on the Locate Drawing screen.
  • Scale: Set the scale of the drawing on the Scale screen.
  • Elevation Limits: Set the minimum and maximum elevations for the job site on the Elevations Limits screen.
  • Report Options: Set the defaults for printing tabs for the job on the Report Options screen.
  • Cut Depths: Set the range of the depths for which to display information on the Defining and Setting Cut Depths screen.
  • Boring Attributes: Define substrata materials you encounter in soil borings on the Boring Attributes screen.
  • Area Attributes: Define the default area types and attributes that appear on the Area Properties popup window.
  • Volume Attributes: Define types of materials used in subgrade materials in areas and bedding layers in trenches on the Volume Attributes screen.
  • Trench Attributes Define trench templates, which allow you to add predefined trenches to jobs on the Trench Attributes screen.
  • Pipe Attributes: Define types of pipes that can be included in trenches and trench templates on the Pipe Attributes screen.