Vector Layers

A vector PDF file may contain multiple layers of vectors that can be viewed together or separately.

When the file is imported to a job in the Earthwork module, Viewpoint Estimating assigns a name to each layer, based on the ID of the color used to create the layer. The layer names are listed in a window to the left of the drawing in the Takeoff, Area, Trench, and Len/EA tabs. If the file contains text created from vectors, a separate "Text" layer is displayed in the list as well.

Tip: Click to hide the vector layers window and expand the drawing. If the vector layers window is hidden, click to display the window.

From the layer window, you can select one or more vector layers to show within the active layer of the drawing at any given time. The vectors within the selected vector layers are highlighted in the drawing and are ready to be digitized. From the layer window you can also edit a vector layer to change its name or color. For example, you may want to change the assigned name to something more meaningful or change the color of a vector layer to make it more visible within the drawing.

Note: Do not confuse vector layers with annotation layers, which are selected using Layers on the toolbar. Vector layers are created within the drawing, outside of Viewpoint Estimating. Annotation layers are created within Viewpoint Estimating to manage the different layers of annotations you create using digital takeoff tools.