Vector Tools Reference

Digitize vectors by using the tools on the speedbar. This topic explains these tools and their capabilities.

Note: Vector tools can be used to create annotations for the existing and proposed layers only. You cannot use vector tools to create annotations for the substrata layer.



Use in conjunction with other takeoff tools to create annotations from vectors within a drawing. Click Vector to turn on the Vector tool. When you turn on the Vector tool, it is activated on the Takeoff, Area, Trench, and Len/EA tabs. Click Vector again to turn off the Vector tool.

Note: For newly imported PDF files that contain vectors, the Vector tool is automatically enabled. If the Vector tool is disabled in a newly imported PDF file, then the file does contain any vectors.

Allows you to select a vector by clicking the stylus or left mouse button on the item you want to select. If you select one item and then select another, the first item you selected will be deselected. Hold the Shift key before clicking the stylus or left mouse button to select multiple vectors.

Allows you to select multiple vectors by clicking the stylus or left mouse button on the items you want to select.

Use to select a single vector and create an annotation in a single step. Left-click to create the annotation and change the elevation; right-click to create the annotation without changing the elevation.

Use to select multiple vectors at different elevations and create annotations in a single step. Draw a line across vectors of different elevations and then set the start elevation and interval.

After you create an annotation from a vector, clicking Prop. displays the item's properties .

Specifies that you have finished digitizing and creates an annotation from the selected vectors. Multiple selected vectors are joined the vectors together to create a single annotation. Once you click Finished, the interval increases/decreases to the amount you specified.

Tip: You can also finish digitizing by clicking your right mouse button.

Creates an annotation from the currently selected vector(s) without increasing /decreasing the interval.