Export Finished Grade Staking Information to a Text File

  1. Open a job in the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen.
    Note: To open a job in the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen, click Estimating > Earthwork > Manage Earthwork Estimates in the All Tasks pane. Click Open Existing Job. Then select the job you want to open, and click OK.
  2. Select the Layout tab.
  3. In the Active Layer field on the toolbar, click to select the layer you want to export.
  4. Click Fin Grade on the speedbar.
  5. In the spreadsheet at the bottom of the window, select the checkbox in the Export column for each stake you want to export.
  6. Click Export on the speedbar.
  7. Browse to the location where you want to save the exported text file.
  8. In the File Name field, enter a name for the file.
  9. Click Save.