Define Cut Depths

  1. Click Estimating > Earthwork > Tools > Defining and Setting Cut Depths in the All Tasks pane.
  2. Select the Calculate Cut Depth checkbox.
  3. In the first Layer Depth cell, enter in an initial cut depth value. If the interval is not consistent, you will need to repeat this step by manually entering in each layer depth in the additional cells below the initial cell.
    Note: The Layer Range of each depth is automatically set based on the values you entered.
  4. If the interval of depth is consistent, such as every 2 feet, you can set the Every field to the value of the interval. Although the dialog does not display a list of depths beyond the first in this scenario, Viewpoint Estimating performs calculations at the specified depth.
  5. To delete a layer, select it and click Delete Cut Depth, then click OK.
  6. Click OK.