Digitize a Length

Digitize lines on the Len/EA tab to add length items, such as water lines, retaining walls, and sidewalks. Length items can also represent the edge of something, such as a building perimeter or a property line.

Tools for Digitizing Lengths

There are three tools you can use to digitize lines:
  • Point allows you to digitize straight pixel-based lines, point by point.
  • Trace allows you to digitize straight or curved pixel-based lines by tracing over them.
  • Vector allows you to digitize vector-based lines by selecting them.
    Note: Vectors can exist only in PDF files. Unlike a pixel-based line, the application recognizes vectors as distinct objects and provides tools for easily digitizing them. See the Help topic Working With Vectors for more information about vectors.

You can use the tools separately or use them in combination to more accurately digitize your lines.

Note: Do not confuse the lines digitized on the Len/EA tab with the lines digitized on the Takeoff tab. The lines on the Len/EA represent a length of material or an edge line. Totals for lines on the Len/EA tab are displayed in the Summary tab. The lines on the Takeoff tab represent contours of earth and have associated elevations.

Select the Show this dialog for every new line checkbox on the Line Properties popup window to display the Line Properties popup window after each line you digitize. If you deselect the checkbox and you want to view the line Properties popup window for a line, follow the steps for editing an existing line.

Methods for Digitizing Lengths

For more information about the Line Properties popup window, see Line Properties Popup Window Field Reference.

Tip: Use the Align to Image Tool to improve speed and accuracy during digitizing. When you digitize a drawing with the Align to Image tool activated, Viewpoint Estimating aligns the takeoff line to the closest black pixel. You can set the default sensitivity of the tool in Preferences. You can press and hold Shift to turn Align to Image on and off as you digitize a drawing. Align to Image can be used with the following:
  • Compensate
  • Add Drawing
  • Point
  • Trace
  • Spot Elevation
  • Borings
  • Reference Point
  • Stake
  • Trench
  • Count Line
  • Count Item
Note: When digitizing against a colored background, Viewpoint recommends that you turn OFF the Align to Image tool.