View Total Quantities

Once you have digitized all the elevations for the existing, proposed, and substrata layers of a job site, then verified them in the graphical tabs, you can view the total quantities of a job in the Summary tab.

For steps on viewing total quantities, see View Totals.

You can calculate totals for individual areas, or you can select multiple areas to calculate the quantities together. You can also select whether to include or exclude enclosed areas when calculating totals. For example, if you are calculating the totals for a parking lot, you may want to include the islands in the parking lot and exclude the building.

The Summary tab lists the quantities for the job based on the dimensions you digitized, and allows you to apply Enter Swell and Yield Factors to these quantities. The quantity totals for the selected areas are displayed at the top of the tab.

The Summary tab displays cut and fill totals for a job site, amount of material you will need to import and export from the job site, change in grade, and volumes of materials selected for areas.

Site perimeters are listed first, followed by an alphabetical listing of area types.
Note: You must have a site perimeter defined to use the Summary tab.
The Summary tab displays totals for length and count items. In the LF/EA Totals section, the counts are displayed first with the length items displayed last. If cut depths are applied to any count items, the counts are displayed with cut depths if details are turned on.
Note: LF/EA totals are not displayed based on any defined areas, such as a site perimeter. They are totaled and displayed based on the entire drawing area.