Digitize Spot Elevations and Reference Points

A spot elevation point is a single point with a defined elevation. Use the Spot tool on the speedbar to digitize individual spot elevations by pressing the tip of the stylus to each spot elevation on the drawing or clicking the mouse in digital takeoff. You can create a reference point at a spot elevation using the Prop tool on the speedbar.

For details on digitizing elevations and creating reference points, see the following topics:
Tip: To quickly change the elevation of the most recently digitized spot elevation, in the Elevation field on the toolbar, enter the desired elevation and click Finished on the speedbar. Viewpoint Estimating updates the spot elevation to reflect your changes. Once you click any of the speedbar tools this shortcut no longer works and you will need to use Prop to change the elevation.
Tip: Use the Align to Image Tool to improve speed and accuracy during digitizing. When you digitize a drawing with the Align to Image tool activated, Viewpoint Estimating aligns the takeoff line to the closest black pixel. You can set the default sensitivity of the tool in Preferences. You can press and hold Shift to turn Align to Image on and off as you digitize a drawing. Align to Image can be used with the following:
  • Compensate
  • Add Drawing
  • Point
  • Trace
  • Spot Elevation
  • Borings
  • Reference Point
  • Stake
  • Trench
  • Count Line
  • Count Item
Note: When digitizing against a colored background, Viewpoint recommends that you turn OFF the Align to Image tool.