Magnify the Takeoff Tab

You can magnify the Takeoff tab if the elevations in the Takeoff tab are difficult to see, or you just want to focus on a specific section of the tab.

When you have magnified the tab, you can move the sheet by pressing and holding Ctrl and moving the mouse toward the area of the sheet you want to view. Release Ctrl to continue working as normal.
  1. Open a job in the Manage Earthwork Estimates screen.
  2. Select the Takeoff tab, if it is not already active.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you are working with a mouse that has a scroll wheel, move your cursor to the area you want to magnify and scroll up with the scroll wheel. Move the scroll wheel down to reduce the magnification level. Moving the cursor to a given point on the screen and press the scroll wheel to re-center the screen to that point.
    • Use the keyboard or menu pad to magnify the tab. Press [I] to increase magnification, and press [O] to decrease it.
      Note: When using the menu pad, be careful not to move the cursor position.
    • Click on the zoom bar indicator on the zoom bar to the left of the drawing, hold down the mouse button, and move the indicator up or down on the zoom bar until the desired level of magnification is achieved.
  4. Click Fit Draw on the speedbar to revert back to the original magnification.